Hello and welcome to Microbikinis!

Short to me, my name is Marcel and Microbikinis is my hobbyhorse. Years ago I had the website microbikinis.de with several thousand visitors a day. Unfortunately, at that time I sold the website and it was no longer maintained and ended in the Internet Archive in the truest sense of the word. Traces can still be found on the Web, in web catalogs, etc. Now, years later, I want to breathe new life into my favorite bikini and share my passion. That’s why I created the german website microbikinis.info and the English-language website microbikinis.eu. In the hope with Bikinifotos of pretty young women you and me to prepare a joy.

On Microbikinis we start with four bikini models. The photos were taken in the past year and now in 2018. Look forward to image sets of Irca, Lauren Crist, SiV-X and Kamilka. We chose bikinis from Tangaland24.de. The models pose from bikini, part-time to nude. Not every model loses the bikini and in the galleries the bikini girls on microbikinis.info can only be seen in bikinis. On microbikinis.eu there are partial act or nude photos for you – depending on the model. In the hope that you will support me in my work and I can make even more bikini sootings for you with interesting models, I naturally wish visitors. So visit microbikinis as often as possible 🙂 I try to deliver the content.

All my shootings are pay-shoots and if among our visitors the interest is awakened to shoot in bikinis, so write us down.

At Microbikinis you will find not only the photo galleries but also a selection of links to known and lesser-known manufacturers, brands and shops. If you want to be listed here because we forgot someone, please let us know.

Of course, a website needs support at the beginning. Anyone who advertises our websites or contacts us as a link partner is sure of our thanks. I and the models are trying to give you as much bikini photos as possible. The shootings take place in the summer outdoor and if the weather does not play along, or in winter, then in a location. So I stay for the time being. Have fun in the picture galleries and microbikinis.

Your Marcel