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I actually didn’t want to write anything about Corona, but unfortunately Microbikinis are also affected by the restrictions. As you have probably noticed, we only dared to do one shoot with Dominika Dodo this year. The shoot took place in early August when the number of infections was not that high. In the months before, I was more cautious and probably won’t plan any photo shoots for the time being. I am sorry that there is no replenishment, but we still have 666 bikini photos online at the moment. In the hope that the nightmare will come to an end, I am already looking forward to the upcoming shootings.



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Advertising on my favorite site – yes, this is new, there is now advertising on Microbikinis! I decided to do this in order to cushion the costs for the server, the WordPress plugins and the model fees a little. I have recently found three well-known advertising partners for microbikinis.info with “Orion”, “Ars Vivendi” and “c-date”. I’m still looking for suitable international partners on microbikins.eu. In order to be able to see the advertising and to support us with it, it is of course important that you accept the marketing cookies. For which I would be very grateful to you.

So much for the current news.

Stay healthy.

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